Tanisha will become bride?....

Arman Kohli is out of Bigg Boss house . Arman said something to come out to hear that you will be stunned . Arman said publicly that he would marry in 2014 . Although he did not name the girl , but people will not take long to tell of that which would be his bride . Tanisha Mukherjee daughter in the same way as the family already has given his blessings .

Fresh out of the house Wow episodes Arman said that he will soon marry , but will not tell who the girl . Who does not know about the chemistry of her and Tanisha . Indoors is not unaware of the relationship between the two grow . Tanisha Arman said they sincerely want to be the winner of Big Boss , but it seems that there are fantastic as Andy Jitenge .
Earlier last week , is out of Bigg Boss Armaan Kohli . Armaan came out, he talked about his friendship and Tanisha .

Life insurance is the primary Priority

Insurance is a product that provides protection to the policyholder 's lifetime . Any person working on which many dependents rearing responsibility , it is a necessary investment . In the event of the policyholder's death to his family financial security it provides .

Life insurance is the primary means of financial planning . This time alone in the way you and your family
financial protection .

The basic goal of life insurance is to replace such losses , for which we are not prepared . It offers help in dealing with unexpected losses . Life insurance products provide protection from unseen events are designed to enable . No other investment can not provide such protection .

Life insurance new product

In the insurance sector from January 2014 new rules - rules are applied . But the purpose of life insurance is the same . The new guidelines will also serve as life insurance, long-term objectives . Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority ( IRDA) life insurance products under these guidelines are divided into three categories : traditional life insurance plans , variable life insurance plans (Variable Insurance Plan or VIP ) and unit - linked insurance plans (ULIP ) . They will lead to the sale of insurance products and more need-based life insurance protections . Also surrender value will get better and improve Diclojr . Additionally , customers simple and customer - friendly insurance plans will enjoy . The new traditional insurance products to customers in the event of death cover will achieve much . Regular premium policies to customers under the age of 45 years of annual premium equal to ten times , while older ones will cover seven times . The minimum death benefit will be equal to the sum insured in traditional plans . You can also get some other benefits as well .
n case of ULIP insurance companies now policyholders every month to give notice of a decrease in yield . They have been linked to an index . Get 10 per cent commission to agents under ULIP . Among the rules to eliminate the VIP ( Diskantinyuesn Norms ) and the fee structure is similar to ULIP . As far as charges are concerned , short-term policies under the new guidelines, the commission has been reduced . Additionally , the amount of commission on all premiums have been added . This will lead to long-term sales . It is in the interest of both customers and insurance consultants .

Long-term safety and savings

Despite the arrival of new life insurance products will make great financial tool , and the only security would be a component of overall financial plan instead . This asset creation , conservation , heirs to hand whenever they need to plan and prepare the ground to receive cash . The people will lead to long-term regular savings habit . This collection will encourage not only the property , but also for future funding requirements will ensure sustainable growth . It will not deviated from its long-term goals .
There is no right age to start insurance of the way . But as early as the beginning is just as much benefit in the long run . Way of insurance premium increases with age . More physically fit you are at least age and health would marry . This helps to keep the cost of insurance premiums has to lose . Roughly twenty times the amount of your annual income should be equal to the life insurance . Life insurance should be paid to any individual family members . Contribute financially to the family according to the value of the life insurance needs to housewives . And then , in view of future earnings prospects and risks should consider life insurance for children . Premature mortality or longevity - may have to face in life both cases . And life insurance is required in both cases . Many products are available for it . The term insurance , children's insurance plans , endowment policy , health plans , pension plans , ULIP offers .

Needs assessment

When buying a life insurance policy is extremely important to assess your needs . It should look at what point in that age which may have a job , what is the number of dependents , financial goals , etc. , how and what lifestyle . You want to live a comfortable life after retirement and are fixed . The best way to spend those golden years, you must unite all their properties correspond to regular income . Health and calculation of the costs of treatment and also arranged for his family must leave some money . For this you should invest in a pension plan and health cover . Although no harm in taking investment based life insurance policy , but the first to provide protection to the dependents in terms of security policy is prudent to buy . Term insurance policies that provide coverage to cover the loan . They do not get back the premium paid at maturity . But the policy term, the policyholder gets a lump sum on death of the family .

New life insurance policies..

In the new year , at least 400 new customers wishing to life insurance policies are available . Insurance regulator IRDA's new guidelines set by the players in this area is completed . Now insurance companies are ready to hit the market with new products . Since January , nearly equal market will go out of existing life insurance policies . But those who already have these policies , their insurance will continue.
Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority [ IRDA ] 's policies to conform to the interests of customers, the guidelines have changed . The life insurance policies are broadly divided into three categories - traditional plans , variable life insurance and unit-linked plans , the ULIP Plan . With private insurance companies, LIC [ LIC ] issued new guidelines making policies of the new year . The Company currently plans to withdraw from the new year is close to 48 . The new plan is issued instead .

Nearly two dozen private companies , Reliance Life plans to introduce new policies into the new year . These risk protection , retirement , savings , investments and insurance policies will cover health related . Anup Rau , CEO of the company told the News , " We have drawn up new guidelines are beginning with 13-14 policies . Our focus primarily on traditional insurance policies will . In addition to the needs of the customers will continue to insist on making policy . "
HDFC Life ULIP plans 21 new customers bringing in the new year . Other private companies operating in the insurance sector in the new year with new products preparation is completed . Aviva Life Insurance has announced the launch of insurance policies is 13 . In addition, ICICI Prudential , Birla Sun Life, Bajaj Alaynj , Max and SBI Life will be launched next month, the new insurance policies .

First in the world! Coming soon water powered car

For years people have come to make fun of a day on the water , the car will run on hydrogen . Who knew that this joke will become reality one day . Korean automobile company Hyundai has proved it true . The company will launch hydrogen-powered vehicles in the market next year . Tkson SUV hydrogen fuel cell car company that will introduce in the U.S. next year . This is the first of its kind vehicle will be sold in the U.S. .
Hyundai 's North American chief executive John Krafkik said last week that the important things are now ready to watch . The Company may Tkson detailed announcement soon .

However , the auto industry's focus on batteries and electric cars , but Hyundai , Honda and Toyota continued research on fuel cell . It seems that he is now associated high costs , safety concerns and fuel stations have overcome the problem . Reduce vehicle fuel consumption in the future to meet these standards may be helpful .

From 1960 to  history not only auto maker that runs on hydrogen cars are debated . General Motors Chevy Ikyunoks Test of hydrogen powered car was in the middle of 2000 . Former U.S. president George . But the Obama administration stopped the program and focused on vehicles that run on batteries .
'd Really  prediction proves true now Hyundai . He introduced Tkson will leave behind all other auto companies . Hyundai plans to start selling it from California to the south , then it should be disseminated .

World Fastest Car Bugatti Veyron

So many times have you heard the saying that from the air , but have you ever experienced it . So whenever there is a high speed high-speed cars, one name comes to mind the same . So who is he among the fastest cars which does not have any further . After all, what is the world's most fast car ?
Usually we think about all this , well if I get officially confirmed yet Bugatti Veyron is the world's most fast car . But the Dubai -based company claims to have the world's most fast car . Laced with highly attractive looks and powerful engine capacity to amaze everyone is looking at this car . Particularly unique sporty look of the car from the front and the back of the car has the appearance of jet aircraft .

We also tell you that the rich
Bugatti Veyron Car Buying , which is considered the first choice can be difficult . The company said it will Bugatti Veyron and only 50 cars .

The extremely attractive and sharp look of the car is provided , and a total of two people in the car seat is provided . The car has been used 5,000 Horse Power V-16 engine that powers the car this powerful . It is the first sports car when an engine has been used so much horse power . Its initial price in India is around Rs 12 crore .

Not only the type of engine , the car is strong , so its speed is very impressive too . Yes , said the company claims that the car at a speed of 348 miles per hour , ie approximately 560 km road race is on . Bugatti Veyron Super Sport just yet officially recorded speed of 434 kilometers per hour . This is the first time that a car has a 560 kilometer per hour speed of the drug .

Especially attractive to look at the back of the sixteen Devel above the plane of the rear wings have been used . Within just two in the front seat of the car are included , but the front cabin is quite attractive . Combination of Black and Red color makes the car even better . However, Dudhakr the car at a track record speed of 560 kilometers per hour were recorded , but the company claims is the point strongly .

Diamonds Under Antarctica

Precious metal diamond reserves in the snowy mountains of Antarctica can be. Scientists first concrete evidence .
According to a report by BBC News permanently frozen terrain of eastern Antarctica, scientists have discovered that Kinberlite called Akcttan . It is considered an important indicator of diamond reserves . The presence of Kinberlite Africa , Siberia and Australia in the world 's diamond reserves are seen as vital signs . Although aimed at commercial exploitation of mineral resources in Antarctica is currently restricted . The researchers said in the journal Nature that even a small component Kinberlite

 but a crucial element for diamond reserves .

Researchers have found the first evidence of Kinbrlait Antarctica . It is discovered by a team led by Australia . British Antarctic Survey geologer Kinberlite as Dr. Teal Riley said that diamonds are significantly more likely to meet .

Apple The Richest Brand In The World

Global technology giant Apple - Known Forbes magazine declared the third consecutive year, is the world's most valuable brand . Forbes list of most valuable brands second to Microsoft and Coca - Cola has achieved third place . However , IT giant IBM and Internet giant Google ranked third and fourth .
According to Forbes, Apple's brand value is $ 104.3 billion , which was second to Microsoft's brand value has nearly doubled from $ 56.7 billion . The magazine said in its report last year , Apple 's brand value has increased by 20 per cent . Microsoft 's brand value has remained almost constant since the last three years . The company reduced its personal computer business foothold in the mobile market is in the public eye . The company's growth rate is reduced but still it is the most profitable brands . The operating margin last year was 34 per cent .

Coca - Cola's brand Valy 54.9 billion and is estimated at 50.7 billion of IBM . Worldwide list of around 100 companies , U.S. companies have won more than half the space . Thereafter, Germany's second most nine companies are included . Seven of the eight companies of France and Japan have found a place in the list . India was not a single company in the list .
She was more than 19 companies in the technology sector , six of the top ten companies in this sector companies. Samsung's brand value was ranked ninth on the list than last year recorded the highest growth of 53 per cent . 136 per cent of its value in the last three years has swung .